How to switch the frontend to Russian?

Changing a store view's locale:

  • 1. Open the 'Dashboard' control panel.

  • 2. Go to STORES -> Configuration.

    Go to STORES -> Configuration
  • 3. Select the required 'Store View'. If you have only one store view then the changes will take place in 'Default store view'

    Go to STORES -> Configuration
  • 4. Confirm the changes.

    Confirm the changes
  • 5. Select Russian.
    Full path: 'STORES ->Configuration -> GENERAL -> General -> Country Options -> Locale Options ->Locale'

    Select Russian
  • 6. Save your settings by clicking on 'Save Config'.

    Save your settings
  • 7. Go to SYSTEM -> Cache Management.

    SYSTEM -> Cache Management
  • 8.Flush Magento's cache.

    Flushing Magento's cache

    The frontend language for the current shop view is changed to Russian.

Last modify date: Monday, October 31, 2016