Using 'Access by token'.

If you're using the IP restriction function of the "ET IP Security" extension and need to allow access to your website (for example, to an employee on a business trip, or if a dynamic IP is being used) you may permit access (without changing IP blocking rules), by using the "Access by token" function.

To allow an employee access from a restricted IP you will need to:

  • Enable "Access by token" in "ET IP Security".
  • Copy the access link.
  • Send it to the employee.

Using the link

The employee will need to follow the token link to receive access to the website. After logging in (the link still requires a successful log-in) the employee will be able to work as per usual. After the token validity time expires, access to the website will be restricted.
The cookie validity time setting defines the time after which site access from a restricted IP-address will become impossible without using the access link again.

Configuring the extension:

  1. Open the extension settings, the "IP Security - Token Access" section.
    path: System -> Configuration -> ET EXTENSIONS -> IP Security -> IP Security - Token Access.
  2. Enable the access by token.
  3. Generate the access token by clicking on "Generate token".
  4. If needed, you may configure (change) the token validity time, it can be 3, 5 or 10 days. The countdown begins based on the "Access link create time".

Last modify date: Tuesday, August 16, 2016