How to restrict access to site by IP addresses.

You can allow or restrict access to your website for an IP-address or an IP range.

If you wish to allow access to the admin panel only from your office, then use the allowed IPs section. Enter the office computers' IP-addresses. Access will be restricted for everyone except these computers.

If you wish to restrict access for an unwanted visitor use the "Blocked IPs" section. Enter the unwanted visitor's IP, access will become restricted.

Editing rules:

Access restriction settings for "Admin panel" and "User area" are the same.

At the moment the extension supports only the IPv4 address format.
Only one rule is allowed per line + a comment after a "|" symbol.

You may enter addresses in different ways:

First method — by specifying a particular IP-address

  • IP-address without a comment:
  • IP-address with a comment:|My address

Second method — by specifying an IP mask of the restricted addresses

  • Mask without a comment: 10.0.*.*
  • Mask with a comment: 10.0.*.* |Internal company IPs

Third method — by specifying an IP-address range

  • Range without a comment:
  • Range with a comment:|IP Range
  • Range with a comment:|IP Range

Last modify date: Tuesday, August 16, 2016