I had entered my IP address into settings and closed access to admin panel for myself. How do I get into admin panel?

Use one of the following methods:

Option 1:

Edit the extension settings directly in the database
If you have access to the database, execute the following query

Select * from core_config_data where path Like "%etipsecurity%"
The result will contain all extension settings. Edit what you need (e.g. "etipsecurity/ipsecurityadmin/allow") and remove the unnecessary IP address. Also, you can remove all of your settings, but in this case you will have to set up the extension anew.

Option 2:

Disable the extension
open the /app/etc/modules/ET_IpSecurity.xml file and change the parameter active to false.
Delete all files from the cache folder (/var/cache/).

Option 3:

Delete all extension settings with a cleaning script
Copy the reset.php file to the server. This file is unavailable in Magento Connect, so you will have to download the extension either from our website, or from bitbucket.org.
Run the file from the browser or console.
Don't forget to remove the file from the server.

Last modify date: Wednesday, August 10, 2016