Technical information for the developer

Code encryption and obfuscation

All extensions created by ETWS team are not encoded (no need for IonCube, Zend Guard, etc.)
100% of the source code is open source and not a single line of the code is obfuscated / encrypted.

Observers / Events

The extension listens for the following events, and uses them to add its functionality to Magento.

  • Area: adminhtml — Event: catalog_entity_attribute_save_after

Class Rewrites

The extension doesn't rewrite any classes.

Template Overrides

  • catalog/product/view/attributes.phtml
  • catalog/layer/view.phtml

If you are using a custom theme, you may need to modify extension templates to adapt them to your design.

Database Changes

Added tables

  • et_attributehint_store — hints
  • et_attributehint_icon — icons
  • et_attributehint_attribute_icon — icon-to-hint relations

External libraries

jQuery v1.12.0 minified
Library website

jQuery GetTip Plugin v1.0
Author: Nick Salms
Library website

Last modify date: Thursday, October 27, 2016