Additional product parameters' export

You are able to export products with their characteristics' and parameters' descriptions to Yandex.Market.

It is recommended to specify them for the offers to be available in the filter results. Also, products with more specified attributes have higher priority in the Yandex.Market search results.

To add additional parameters:

  1. Go to Catalog -> Yandex Market Feed -> Global settings
  2. Scroll the page to "Элементы используемые для описания товара" (Упрощённое is used by default)
  3. Click on the "Add new param" button
  4. Enter the parameter name that will be used in the YML into the "Param name" field. For example, "Weight"
  5. (Optional) Enter the parameter's units of measurement into the "Param unit" field. For example, "lbs"
  6. Enter the attribute ID from which the parameter's value will be taken into the "Param value" field. For example, "weight"
  7. Save the settings and generate the feed

YML-file example

        <param name="Type">desktop</param>
        <param name="Material">aluminium</param>
        <param name="Wi-Fi">yes</param>
        <param name="Screen size" unit="inch">27</param>
        <param name="RAM size" unit="MB">4096</param>
        <param name="HDD size" unit="TB">1</param>
        <param name="Weight" unit="lbs">30.4</param>

Last modify date: Wednesday, March 8, 2017