Extension configuration

  1. To create the app you will need to log-in to your account or to register a new one on paymaster24.com

  2. Next you will need to go to the Site list.

    Image 1. Logging-in to the system
  3. Create a new app. To do that click on the "Add new" button.

    Image 2. Adding a new website
  4. Next fill the form. Specify your website's name and address (URL) and choose the appropriate site category.

    Image 3. Filling the form
  5. Now you will need to specify the Callback URL. All callback URLs are available in the extension settings.

    Image 4. Filling the form
    Image 5. An example of callback URLs in the extension settings
  6. Next you will need to select the Signature type and to enter the Secret key. The Secret key will be required in the extension settings.

    A word of advice! Save the Secret key. After saving it you will be able only to replace it. If the key is changed in the app, don't forget to change it in the extension as well.

    Image 6. Signature type and Secret key
  1. General settings

    • Enable the extension

    • The title — always seen to the user

    • Description — will be seen to the user only when selecting the payment system

    • Sort order — the lesser the meaning, the earlier the payment system will be displayed

    Image 7. General settings
  2. Set the connection with the paymaster24 app. Specify the app ID (Identifier), Secret key, and select the Signature Type you've selected in the app.

    Image 8. General settings
    Image 9. Secret key and Signature type
    Image 10. App ID (Identifier)
  3. You will also need to specify the currency by which payments will be available via Paymaster24. Optionally, you can select countries who will have the option to use this payment method.

    Image 11. Currency type
  4. Everything's ready! You can now check how the extension works on your site.

Last modify date: Thursday, February 9, 2017