Spendings' Calculation Based on a Specific Period

Some shop owners prefer to reward those users that make purchases often, instead of making a single one once in a year.

This is why the extension includes a setting allowing to switch a customer's group based on the period they've reached a promotion amount:

  • All-time spendings
  • Specific period

Usage example

Let's say that you want a customer to get promoted to a group under the following conditions:

  • Total spendings — 500 EUR or more
  • Period of the previous amount spent — 3 months
  • If a customer doesn't spend this amount for a half a year — demote him to his previous group

To do this go to the extension settings (System -> Configuration -> Customer Group Auto Switcher) and specify these conditions:

  • Time Period Unit — months
  • Time Period for calculation — 3 months
  • Minimal Time Period for customer not to be moved down — 6 месяцев

NB! You must have a configured rule for this, made in Promotions -> Customer Group Auto Switcher.

NB! For the customer to get demoted, make sure that the option "Demote users" is turned on.

Last modify date: Tuesday, May 16, 2017