What information is required to receive support faster?

We require the following information (the more details you'll specify, the faster you will receive a reply):

  1. Extension name (For example: ET Currency Manager)
  2. Extension version (For example: 1.2.1)
  3. Magento version of your website (For example: Magento CE
  4. Extension settings (screenshots)
  5. Issue description (What do you expect and what you are getting. What have you tried to resolve the issue)
  6. Link to the page of the issue (Steps on how to reproduce the issue)

To receive support as fast as possible please use:

  • the support system (requires logging-in and selecting the appropriate project)
  • or contact form on our website (user and task will be created automatically in the support system)

The support team processes issues in a queue-based fashion.
If there is not enough information about the issue, it can take up to several days to process it: initial analysis, additional detail requests, waiting for a reply, additional clarifications and so on.