I have a question and I want to contact you. How should I do it?

Please use e-mail messaging in order to contact us only as a last resort.

If you wish to receive a reply and to solve your question – please open a ticket using the contact form. This will automatically create a task on our
support page and notify the support team.

Contact via support page, compared to usual e-mailing, has a set of advantages:

  • We can forget about your e-mail (we're only human)
  • Your e-mails may get lost (for example, get sorted to spam)
  • History is kept for a long time (mail is cleaned from time to time)
  • A task submitted through the contact form can be assigned to several people at once
  • A ticket will be assigned to the first vacant developer (mail processing, manual task creation, and assigning developers takes additional time)

The e-mail is meant to offer feedback when other contact methods (incl. the contact form) are unavailable.

When leaving an inquiry, try to include as much information as possible, so that less time will get lost on gathering additional information.

See also Information required for extension support.