We've ordered a service. What information is required from us?

General Service Information

For us to provide you with any of our services our developers require the following data:

  1. Link to your website's frontend
  2. Link to your website's admin panel
  3. Login and password for the admin panel
  4. Access to the site's source code with write permissions
    • SSH access host:port
    • Login and password
    • Path to the website's root folder
  5. Is the server using a caching mechanism and, if yes, how to reset it. Example: Varnish

Extension Installation Service Information

In case you've ordered extension installation service, besides the information mentioned above, we will also require information on what the extension must accomplish in order to configure it to suit your needs.

For example, when installing an extension that adds an extra charge for particular payment methods we will require the following info:

  • Which payment methods should include an extra charge
  • What is the amount of the extra charge for every particular payment method
  • To what customer groups the extra charge should apply to
  • And so on

And thus we will not only install the extension, but also configure it to work the way you want it to.