What do I need to know when ordering custom Magento solutions?

What are the rates for custom work?

The price of the service depend solely on the time needed to complete the task. Current per hour pricings can be viewed on the service's page.

Each case is examined and analyzed individually.

Overall, how does the workflow look like?

Preliminary estimate

Of course, we don't expect that you will estimate your tasks by yourself to know if there are enough tasks to make an order. As soon as you have some preliminary list of tasks, you can send it to us using the ticket system. In 3 days (for standard rate tasks) or 1 day (for urgent rate tasks) our project manager will be able to make an initial estimate of your tasks.

The precision of this preliminary estimate is highly dependent on the amount of the information that you send us. Otherwise, this estimation may be inaccurate, but even then there will be at least something to start from.

If you agree with this initial estimation, further communication will be held via special issue tracking system. Only you and our team will have access to it. Considering the estimation you will be able to decide which tasks should be done and in which order. For each individual task a separate issue (ticket) will be created in order to make communication easier.

Adjustment and refinement of requirements

It is necessary to remember that 1—2 weeks will pass before we will start working on your tasks. This time period will be spent on collecting additional information and making a final estimate.

The final price can be lowered. However, if you will present additional requirements and requests, the final price can be greater.

Communication and working on the issues

The project manager estimates each individual task. The result may look like one of the following:

  • "Impossible to estimate, investigation is required" — If you agree, we set estimated time to 1 hour. After the expiration of this hour we either make a request for additional time or, if 1 hour was enough to solve the problem, report the completed task.
  • "Investigation not required. We need from X to Y hours to solve the issue" — If you agree, we set estimated time to Y.
  • We make a request for additional information until we have a complete understanding on what should we do. After that we either request some time for investigation, or tell you how much time do we need to complete this task.

Once every task is estimated, you will be able to view the total estimated time at any moment. However, you should remember that the estimated time for tasks that need an investigation may be changed later, and therefore the total time may change too. Also, at this moment we will tel you when will we start working on your project.

After every task is complete you will be able to see the total spent time.
You will be charged after the completion of all set tasks.

How to order the service?

If you wish to order some custom work — simply Contact us